Cat7A Ethernet Cable

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What is Cat7A cable?

If you're looking for something that goes beyond the average in today's Ethernet market, then this is it. While there are no true standards for Cat7A cable, it is Fluke tested to perform up to 1200MHz frequency. This cable handles 10G networking applications and offers extra protection against external interference. With double shielding, each pair is individually shielded along with an overall braided shield, this protects against EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

Should you use Cat7A cable?

Cat7A cable is a step up above Cat6A cable. If you're looking to future proof your home or business with reliable high end cable for the next 10-15 years then you've found the right match. It is recommended for in-wall installation as the backbone of your network. With solid bare copper at 23AWG conductor size, each pair is twisted at a higher rate than your average cable in order to achieve high level performance.

This cable can be used for 10G devices, but also backwards compatible with any device that has a standard Ethernet port. It's popular for PoE (Power over Ethernet) since the conductors are larger size and made of solid copper it can transfer power and data with ease.

This is indoor rated cable. If you're looking to run cable in-wall then Cat7a Riser is the perfect choice. For installs in plenum areas such as drop ceilings and raised floors, we recommend using our Cat7A Plenum cable.

Our Cat7A cable, like all cables offered by One Stop Cables, are ETL Certified. Each cable has been tested for electrical safety. Each cable is also Fluke tested to perform up to or above TIA standards. You can trust that you're getting the best quality in the market!