Cat8 Ethernet Cable

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What is Cat8 Ethernet Cable?

Cat8 cable is an Ethernet cable, similar to it's predecessors Cat7a and Cat6, it is used for local area network. With Cat8 being a higher performing cable the construction and testing is held at a higher standard. In order to achieve Cat8 performance of 2000MHz bandwidth and 40Gpbs data transfer speeds, the cable requires the following construction as a standard:

Double shielded. This includes shielding around each twisted pair and an overall braided shield.

Solid Bare Copper. This is a standard for ALL category cables. Be ware of Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) cable, as they do not meet TIA standards.

What applications run on Cat8 Cable?

Category 8 is primarily intended to support 25GBase-T and 40GBase-T applications for short distances (up to 30 meters) for switch to server connections. Developed for Data Centers for it's high bandwidth. 

With the popularity of home network systems and the accessibility of new technology, Cat8 has grown amongst both residential and commercial markets. The cable being the fastest Ethernet cable in today's market has sparked the interest of a diverse crowd including online gamers, PoE (Power over Ethernet) surveillance applications, new builds, home streaming, and many more.

What connectors do I use for Cat8 Cable?

Save time by shopping our Cat8 connectors. They have been tested by our engineers and proven for highest performance when combined with our cable. Below are the items required to successfully create a connection from end to end.

Cat8 Shielded Keystone Jack with Auto Cover - Female piece can be installed directly onto a patch panel or wall using any standard wall plate.

Cat8 Shielded Field Termination Plug - Male piece plugs directly into any standard Ethernet port. Field Termination Plug is an advanced version of your standard RJ45. It comes with a PCP board for easier termination and offers a tool-less solution. This plug is reusable, saving you time and money should you need to re-terminate your wire.

Cat8 Shielded RJ45 Plug - Large diameter shielded RJ45 compatible with our Cat8 cable. It's tested to fit and perform up to Cat8 standards. Includes loading bar for  easy wire placement. This is a more economical solution that's easy on your wallet.

Shielded High Density 24 Port Patch Panel - Manage incoming and outgoing wires with this 24 port patch panel. It comes shielded and fits our high density keystone jacks.

Shielded High Density 48 Port Patch Panel - For larger projects that require many cable wires coming in and out, it is wise to use this 48 port patch panel. It's shielded and compact offering a high density solution for tight areas. Compatible with shielded high density keystone jacks, making this a good choice for our Cat8 keystone jacks.