CAT8 / 7A/ 6A High Density Patch Panel, 1U 48-Port Blank Patch Panel

Cat6A High Density 48 Port Patch Panel 1U



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Why choose this patch panel?

Better manage your cable and wire with our shielded 48 port high density blank patch panel. This patch panel gives you the flexibility of plugging in any high density keystone jack. Ideally used for Cat8, Cat7a, and Cat6a shielded keystone jacks. The 1U, 1.75", height of this patch panel is smaller than the standard patch panel helping you maximize rack space.

Compatible high density keystone jacks can be found here: Cat8, Cat7a, Cat6a high density keystone jack.

Why use a patch panel?

    • It is recommended to incorporate patch panels into your network build for better wire management and also longevity. The patch panel is a stationary equipment that will offer direct connection to the backbone wires running through your wall or ceiling. It is best to have these wires terminated onto a keystone jack that will plug into a patch panel that does not move around. If the cable from the ceiling or wall is plugged directly into a switch port or other device, this will increase the chances of the wires being tugged around and moved often which can cause loose connections.
    • Patch panels not only help keep connections in tact, but also offer a platform for labeling each connection. You can clearly label each port for better organization.
    • Easily replace cables and fix connection issues. Should one of your cables have connection issues with a device, you can simply replace the patch cable that runs from the patch panel to your device, rather than having to pull the entire backbone cable out of the wall or ceiling and replacing it.


Operating temperature range : -10°C to 60°C
Storage temperature range : -40°C to 68°C
Humidity : 10%~90%RH

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